Some Days are Perfect Days

On Sunday my husband and I took Funny Bone to the Undefeated Divas Second Line in the Treme.  It was a fabulous Second Line, full of joy, and we followed it for quite a number of blocks, long after I finished taking photos.  After we walked back to our car under the overpass (also known as Treme Under the Bridge), stopping to admire the painted columns, we were discussing where to go for lunch when we saw them- cops with their lights on, blocking the street. Somehow the Second Line was coming right toward us so Funny Bone and I jumped out and caught it a second time.  Funny Bone caught two stuffed animals, a bag of candy, and a CD of brass band music.  Awesomeness.  We let the line pass us and picked up chicken sandwiches from Rally's, taking them to Metairie Cemetery for a picnic.  After we finished eating we prowled the cemetery a bit before heading toward home.  On our way we stopped at City Park because there was a Pirate Ship in the lake, and seeing as how my husband is a pirate (yes really), I decided he needed a picture of it.  Suddenly my friend Judy and her dog Luke appeared, like magic.  Funny Bone had super amounts of fun playing with the big boxer and Judy and I made plans to share a booth at an upcoming market (she is an artist as well).  We came home to eat apples on the front porch (such is January in New Orleans) and see how my oldest, Little Red Wagon, was enjoying the day.  (She does not like Second Lines or City Park or anything that requires her to be outside or do any walking, she'd rather stay home, have some time to herself and watch Supernatural marathons).  Turns out her crush asked her via Facebook to be his girlfriend- so she was over the moon.  It was a rare absolutely perfect day for everyone in my family and for that I am exceedingly grateful.