Poetry and Pretty Girls

I really like poetry readings where sexy girls say really dirty words through red singing lips while wearing tight silver dresses and cowboy boots. Yes. I really do.

Last night there was a poetry reading, sponsored by the UNO English Department and held in the Fine Art Gallery.  It was really amazing, I was there to work (photographing Liberal Arts events is my job) but stayed longer than I had to just because I enjoyed it so much.  The words tripped over each other, reminding me of what it was like to be a teenage girl trying to discover who she will be as a woman. 

(While photos from my Fuji x100 will make up at least 90% of the photos here, sometimes I have to use my DSLR (a Pentax K-5) simply because I need the extra reach.  Therefore, some of these were taken by my Pentax and some by my Fuji- but all of them are mine.  If Fuji would ever make a telephoto adapter the way they did a wide angle I would be so very happy)