"So, if you're looking to get outstanding photos done by a true professional then look no further. Thanks to Kimberly and her flexibility I was able to propose to my future wife in a city I had never been to before and we now have amazing photos to remember it by. Kimberly made the process so easy from start to finish and it really took a lot of stress off of me. I was also only expecting to have about 30 minutes after the proposal to snap a few more shots but Kimberly took her time having us do different poses with different backdrops and we came away with some great photos. My fiance loves the pictures and we may just have to hire Kimberly to be our wedding photographer when the day comes!"- Jacob

"It was clear from Kimberly's site that she had a fantastic eye - a crucial element as I was entrusting her to capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment during which I would be entirely preoccupied- my proposal. She was collaborative about the meetup space and time, the surreptitious communications and she even brought friends along to pose as subjects so that her being there with a professional camera out wouldn't draw attention. That was a great choice as my gf (now fiancé!) noticed her. Places, lines, and the proposal was popped and done in a flash. And the pictures were amazing! We did another session the next day and she gamely worked through different poses, backgrounds and situations, giving us a very personal and beautiful memento of our time. I cannot recommend her highly enough for both her craftwork and the experience."- Richard

"Kimberly is very personable and warm. After an hour of shooting you don't feel like smiling anymore, but Kimberly will keep you laughing and smiling and get you through the camera snapping marathon. She's also a true professional. We love the quality of our photos, and she gave us every consideration. Even working around the weather and the kinds of places/atmosphere. Our session with her was the highlight of our trip to New Orleans. We'll forever be grateful, Kimberly! Keep up the good work!!!""My husband and I just used Kimberly this past weekend for our wedding vow renewal...20 years! We did not get photos the first time when we originally married. That being said, my desire to have beautiful pictures to hang on a wall were top on my list. The pressure and bar were set high. Kimberly was absolutely AMAZING! She met and exceeded my expectations. Let me start by saying Kimberly always kept in contact and responded quickly. Answered all questions and gave great advice!- Evelyn

"If you are smart you will pick Kimberly as your photographer.  Our wedding was better and less stressful having her there.  Our photos look awesome and we couldn't be happier. I (groom) do not like taking photos and had a super fun time going around to interesting locations and taking photos with Kimberly. This really shows in our pictures. She has a sixth sense for quickly figuring out your aesthetic and working with you to effortlessly craft images that will blow your mind.  I run customer service teams professionally so I have very high standards when evaluating service. Kimberly blew my expectations out of the water on both the quality of the photos and the quality of service she provided. I can't stress enough that the event was better and less stressful having her there. This is the easiest and best decision you can make for your wedding. Hire her. Do it."- Kyle

"Kimberly was a joy to work with when she photographed our Biloxi, MS beach wedding in May. Her professionalism, patience and experience helped us smoothly coast thru the day. She worked with us to put together a schedule for taking photos at several different locations (with several groups of relatives) and each shoot was quick & efficient. Throughout the day, she kept checking in to make sure I (the bride) had the backgrounds I wanted, the people I wanted, everything I wanted. Her goal was to keep me happy and calm and she succeeded!!! Kimberly’s got a great eye and a warm personality so you feel comfortable and at ease while being photographed. You can tell that she loves what she does. She was constantly alert throughout the entire reception, always on the lookout for the next moment to capture. I believe her background in journalism gives her a unique perspective. These aren't standard, static photographs. They are memories frozen in time. She captured all the joy, all our love on film and I am so grateful to have her photographs to look at so I can relive the emotion of our special day forever."- Kristen

"Kimberly was a dream photographer, she shot the most magical pictures of our wedding. I am so happy I chose her! She had our sneak peaks posted the very next day and there isn't one shot I don't love. I can't wait to see all of our prints, I know they're going to be amazing."- Jules

I "We hired Kimberly to photograph our wedding day because of her background in shooting action shots. Our wedding was fast-paced and included a second line parade and we needed someone with that kind of background. Her prices were fair and her work has been excellent! She even stepped up to assist with coordination when things went off track! Our "sneak peek" was up in 24 hours and the photos are amazing! Besides being a really fun person with great creativity, she really helped capture the energy and joy in our wedding. I would highly recommend Kimberly to anyone for any occasion!"- Laura

"We need to take engagement pictures and we already had a trip planned to New Orleans so we figured why not take our pictures in a different city! We picked Kimberly and I'm so glad we did! Her personality made us just open up and feel so comfortable while she took our pictures. She truly knew how to guide us and helped us to be ourselves and our pictures reflected it. They came out even better then I could've ever imagine! So great we booked her for our wedding day! So if you're considering Kimberly I'd suggest you pick her!!"- Tina

I was nervous because I really, really wanted good pictures. My pictures did not feel "posed" and therefore, looked and felt very comfortable and natural. She had great advice and gave a large variety. We now have 5 kids and she included them as well. I love how she captured their personalities. They were not "cookie cutter photos". I have only seen the "sneak peaks" in drop box so far but I am IN LOVE with all the ones I have seen. I would hire her again in a heartbeat for other photos and recommend her 100 percent. Thank you Kimberly for making my special day "over-the-top"! I will cherish these photos forever." - Heather

I just want everyone to know how amazing Kimberly's work is! It speaks for itself but I am just in awe of my wedding pictures that I have seen so far! I recommend her highly!!!! She is truly talented and AMAZING in my book!!! Thank you so much, Kimberly! No words to describe how much I love them!!!!   - Cara

When I originally contacted Kimberly regarding photography for my wedding, it was going to be held in New Orleans, where she is located. Everything about the wedding changed, including the location to St. Francisville, LA. I thought it would be too much to hope that Kimberly would still be interested in the job, since she would have to travel. Thankfully she agreed to be my photographer and I can't be happier with the results, or how the day went. Kimberly was a pleasure to work with, flexible, listened to our ideas and she even helped me with my veil when it wouldn't cooperate!  Kimberly has a great eye for what will make beautiful pictures. Because of how wonderful the photo's turned out, we haven't been able to pick out the pictures for our package.  Kimberly, we can't thank you enough for all you did to make our day perfectly beautiful!!!-   Erin & Andy Lycke

Thank you again form the bottom of my heart for your loving service and great wit.  Feel like you were a part of the family and you captured my little girls "light" in every shot.  I couldn't be happier.  Like I said before...you have customers for life and friends here too!- Lanie

Thank you so much for everything that you did for our wedding! All of the preview photos are so beautiful. You were so great. I couldn't have asked for anything more . Thanks again!- Amy

Kimberly, our photo session with you this evening was most enjoyable. I can't wait to see our photos and get to choose what to get. I was impressed at the amount to photos you took and the patience you had with our two dogs. And the variety was awesome as well. Thank you again!    -Stephanie

Yay thank you so much I love them! You did an amazing job!- Celia

Oh my gosh Kimberly.. these are so beautiful. . I have been showing people at work as soon as you left. I am literally crying at how touching and sweet these are.- Sarah

Perfect-perfect is the only word to describe our experience. I cannot express just how spectacular our session was with Kimberly Edwards. She made it so fun & easy! Best of all--our moments were captured beautifully! You are so gifted! Thank you!! Thank you!!   - Heidi

Working with Kimberly was great I love her the price was really good and her pics are amazing... She was on time for the wedding she helped me calm down I LOVE HER - Lamis

My husband and I were extremely grateful to have crossed paths with this woman. She was willing to work with major time and budget constraints, without allowing her art to suffer. Further more, we cannot stress enough how very pleasant and unbelievably comforting it was to have Kimberly by our sides.  - Ariane

Amazing photographer! We haven't seen a single photo yet that we were unhappy with. My fiancee (now wife!), after seeing her portfolio, said, "She is the only person I trust to take our photos." She made the whole experience stress-free and fun ... and her prices are fantastic, which was great for our tightly budgeted DIY wedding! Top notch work right here!-  Anthony

Working with Kimberly is truly a wonderful experience, she makes us feel so comfortable and confident during the shoot. We feel like super models!!!!! Thanks Kimberly, we love our photos!!!!!!  - Sarah

Kimberly met me and my family in the French Quarter of New Orleans and made us feel at ease at once. She was helpful in giving direction for our poses but mostly let us act naturally. When our proofs came back I was completely thrilled at how organic the mood was portrayed, every shot looked relaxed and genuinely happy, which was EXACTLY what I had hoped to achieve. Kimberly is a very poised, professional photographer and she is very good at what she does. I highly recommend her.   - Margeaux

I would highly recommend Kimberly for your photography needs. She did my wedding in New Orleans and I can't compliment enough on her professionalism, patience, kindness and skill. Some people confused my photos for something out of a magazine! She also voluntarily stayed past her time to make sure we got all the shots we wanted.-  Erin K.

Kim has worked with a walking Mardi Gras krewe and has done amazingly beautiful work, especially the black and white shots there. For me personally she has done a private shoot for my fiance and I prior to our engagement. Kim was not only professional but very fun and exciting to talk to and have around. She made sure she got "just the right shots". Her last minute "hey how about that spot there" as we were leaving the shoot turned out to be one of my favorites. Her eye for detail is great and personality couldn't be better.  Also I called her up at the last minute to see if she would take hidden shots of my proposing to my now fiancé. She was so happy to be a part of it. She got to be my ninja photographer for a very memorable moment in my life.I would recommend Kimberly to anyone if they want amazing pictures taken by an amazing photographer that has a great passion for the camera and those she captures with it.    - Derek

Working with Kimberly was an absolute joy! She drove all the way from New Orleans to Shreveport to work with me and my family! She was working with my newborn son and handled him delicately, gently, and professionally. The session was laid back, yet professional. I couldn't have asked for a better photography experience and her work was superb to say the least! I highly recommend Kimberly for all your photography needs! She is just wonderful.   -Rayna

Kimberly is simply amazing. Kimberly did my engagement session, formal wedding, and wedding day photos. All of her photos are beautiful. She is fun to work with, professional, and has great ideas for both candid and formal shots. Kimberly made both my husband and I feel comfortable and that we were having fun; this translated into beautiful, natural shots. I would hire her again in a heartbeat for future sessions.  -Stacy

Kimberly Edwards is a gifted photographer. Her creativity and personality come through in every photograph she shoots. She made the experience very relaxing and enjoyable for my entire family. It is the first time we have had a family shoot with no stress!   -Robin